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Events for Harvard Public School's 103rd Alumni Anniversary       Celebration and other Memorial Weekend Festivities

    Join fellow Harvard graduates and community members in celebration – Friday, May  27 and Saturday, May 28, 2016.

Please note that the Coffee & Roll time on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th has been changed to the Harvard Methodist Church.  See information at the bottom of page.  

Plans to celebrate beginning Friday evening, May 27, 2016.

Annual Alumni/Memorial Weekend BARBEQUE, sponsored by the Harvard Lions Club.  Friday, May 27  from 5-8 p.m. @ the Harvard Community Room.  Freewill Donation (The community dance that evening will have a separate charge.)


Community Dance – sponsored by the Fire Department –  (Dance from 8:30 p.m. until 12:30 a.m.)   Held at the Harvard Fire Hall, Harvard, NE.  Band this year will be Smokey B & The XYZ's.  Price of tickets are $10.00 each. (In advance or at the door.) Tickets will be available soon at Cornerstone Bank, P.O. Box 566, Harvard, NE 68944. You may contact the bank at 402-772-2151.

     Any profit from the BBQ will go to the Lion's Club, profit from the drinks at the dance to the Fire Department (pop will also be available). The funds will be used for community projects. All worthy causes and worth your support/donation.



Legacy Bar and Grill will not be serving breakfast this year after the dance. (See their Memorial Day hours and menu below.)

"""Be sure to check at the bottom of this page for a list of the deceased alumni members being remembered this year during the banquet, Harvard Memorial Day Services & other activities as information becomes available."""


IMPORTANT:  The alumni business meeting will once again be at 5:00 p.m. instead of at the banquet.  If you want to vote & be in on any of the decision making you need to be at this meeting

Social Time:  Once again the Alumni Historical Committee will be sponsoring cookies & drinks at the school from 2:30 to 4:45 for anyone wishing to visit with other alum or community members during that time. (We will have what memorabilia we own available for viewing.)

100th Anniversary Alumni Tee Shirts still available ... Anyone who didn't have the opportunity to purchase an anniversary t-shirt and would still like to (or purchase another :) ) Personal Message Janet Hachtel on face book.  Shirts still available at $15.00 ea. are (1) red small, (4) grey small,  (12) large grey   Available at $17.00 ea are (14) 2X red, (2) 2X grey  


Alumni Ladies Volleyball and Men's Basketball Tournament .  GET YOUR TEAMS LINED UP!  Contact Tami (Brehm) Lipker or her daughter Jamie (Lipker) Williams for advance details via Facebook.

Banquet Saturday, May 28, 2016 @ school at 6:30 p.m.  Alumni tickets are $15.00/person and are on sale at Cornerstone Bank, Harvard. (See above for address & phone)  $4 of this cost is for  alumni dues; which helps fund the banquet and scholarship expenses.  If any one is unable to attend the banquet, you may still send your dues or any donations to Christy Schuck at the bank. THE COFFEE TIME AS WELL AS THE ALUMNI BANQUET WILL BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AGAIN THIS YEAR!

 Harvard St. Joseph's Catholic Church is in charge of the meal. Menu:  Pork Loin, Cheesy Potatoes, Vegetable, Lettuce Salad and Apple Crisp.

Entertainment for banquet: The Fields Sisters, (Harvard High School Students)

Those purchasing tickets to date for our 103nd Alumni Banquet

130  Tickets sold to date (May 26, 2016)

Class of 1934 - Mary (Turner) Keasling  (82 Years) 

       Class of 1936 -  (80 years)

        Class of 1938 -  (78 Years) Robert Frank

       Class of 1941 - (75 years) -  Clint Hohnstein, Mary (VanArsdale) Wilson

        Class of 1942 - (74 Years) - Ruth (Bishoff) Schmer

       Class of 1946 - (70 Years) -  Ruth (Koehler) Nelson, Phyllis (Lovgren) Bartlett, Elaine (Obermeier) Dukesherer

       Class of 1947 - (69 Years) - Shirley (Bieck) Woodward, Laverne Yost & Shirley

       Class of 1950 -  (66 years) - Don Gerlach, F. "Billie" (Holtz) Johnson,

       Class of 1951 (65 years) - Wanda (Johnson) Keller, Barbara (Osborne) Linder

       Class of 1952 - (64 years) - James & Irene (Darling) Hamik, Donald Keller, Arthur Robinson

Class of 1953 - (63 years) - John & Jeanene (Keasling) Schopback, Donald

Saville & Carolyn

       Class of 1954 - (62 Years) - Joyce (Gruber) Gaden, Jeanne (Flickenger)    

          Richard Keller,        

        Class of 1956 (60 years)  - Vicky (Alberding) Bentson, Maxine (Arp) Denton & Lynn, Joyce (Gruber) Gaden, Doris (McCune) Fisher & Bob, Joel Osborne & Darlene Booker,Kay (Randall) Brummond & Harold, Sally (Sutton) Hankemeier, Jim Taylor & Lavonne,

          Class of 1958 - (58 Years) Max Keasling, Wanita Kroger, Robert Selko & Loretta

        Class of 1961 (55 years) -
        Class of 1964  (52 years) -  Richard Lurk & Rae Ann (Moorhead) Lurk
        Class of 1965  (51 Years) - Don Bartlett, Dorothy (Creason) Aspegren, Frank Samuelson
  • Class of 1966 (50 years) Mike Aspegren, Dale Baker & Olivia Garcia, Tom Brenneman, (Robee (Eby) Bigelow & Bob,  Lois (Einsphar) Demaray, Carol Gnewuch, Sharon (Heyen) Bartlett, Garry Klein, Alan Kreutz & Grace Whitley, Sharon (Lovgren) Tenopir, William Matzke & Pat,  Marta Mjeldheim, Colleene (Nowka) Gruntorad, Meda (Ponder) Taubenheim & Dean, Anette (Poppe) Samuelson, Jim Tenopir, Pat (Voorhees) Bohart & Jim, Jim Wilson & Vivian        
  • Class of 1967 - (49 Years) Diane (Helzer) Brenneman
  • Class of 1968 - (48 Years) Pat (Hohnstein) Willis
  • Class of 1969 - (47 Years)  Linda (Langenberg) Parnell
  • Class of 1970  (46 years) Ruby (Bartlett) Adam, Sheila Nelson

       Class of 1971 -  (45 years)

Class of 1974 - (42 Years) - Mary Dieringer

Class of 1975 - (41 Years) - Connie (Woodward) Ayer

      Class of 1976 -  (40 years) - Joel Barnett, Steve Carriker, Russ Fitzke,  Lonna (Brehm)Hansen, Tom White & Rose

  • Class of 1977 - (39 Years) Mary (Farrand) Carriker
  • Class of 1978 - (38 Years) Barb (Rudy) Barnett
  • Class of 1981 - (35 years) Greg Schuck
  • Class of 1982 -  (34 years) Christy (Frye) Schuck
  • Class of 1985 - (31 Years) Beth (Wilson) Hollick
  • Class of 1986 - (30 years) Scott Bartlett, Jacque (Keasling) Marshall, Lee J. Paulus & Beth, Kelli Larsen & Christopher Rasko, Jennifer (Wilson) Williams, Cindy (Young) Bahr & Adam
  • Class of 1988 -  (28 years) James Williams
  • Class of 1990 - (26 Years)  Jeff Scheierman
  • Class of 1991 - (25 years)
  • Class of 1992 - (24 Years) Shelly Ives
  • Class of 1996 (20 years) - Katie (Aspegren) Fishler, Melissa (Becker) Claussen & Kevin, Jessica (Gibson) Anders & Brian,  Chris Fishler, Jackie (Krull) LeMunyan & Russ, Jennifer (Schwenk) Schomaker & Kyle, Amanda (Searle) Renfro,
  • Class of 2001 (15 years) Jami (Lipker) Williams
  • Class of 2006 (10 years) - Stephanie (Aspegren) Williamson, Zackary Bartels, Emily (Chloupek) Howard & Nick, Andrew Cushing, Chad Williamson, Leslie (Wilson) Robbins & Jordan
  • Class of 2011 (5 years)
  • Class of 2016 (Seniors - This years New Alumni Members) McKenna Schuck,
  • Entertainment: Ellie Fields, Hannah Fields
  • Guests/Community/Family: Bonnie Jensen, Phyllis Dukesherer & Julia
  • Present & Past Teachers, Staff & Administration:  
  • Darrel Adam, Barb Yost
  • Deceased alumni who will be remembered this year at the alumni banquet with a rose.
  • IF WE HAVE MISSED ANY HARVARD ALUM THAT HAS PASSED AWAY SINCE LAST YEARS BANQUET PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE FOR US OR FACE BOOK RUTH NELSON WITH THE INFORMATION.  We would like to thank Ruth (Koehler) Nelson for all of her work on keeping track of our deceased members and Frances (Fishback) Brenneman before Ruth took over. It is a big job to try and watch the newspapers for these.  This and word of mouth is the only way of keeping track unless someone notifies us. 
  • .
  • Class of 1932: Laurence Strine  Class of 1935: Dorothy (Yost) Bruntz Class of 1936: Barbara (Brehm) Bienhoff, Harold Farrall, Bernice (Lienert) Joy, Boyd L. MacDougall, Maxine (Peterson) Davis Class of 1940: Berneda (Fitzke) Thomas, Harold C. Warner Class of 1942:  Kathryn Bishoff, William L. Yost Class of 1944: Dorothy Marx  Class of 1955: Erma (Adams) Lee Class of 1956: John Naulteus, Jim Townsley Class of 1959:  Norma (Fink) Rippen Class of 1967: Shirleen (Colwell) Rath Class of 1970: Robert Mjeldheim, Connie (Waters) Owens Class of 1972:  Charles Laue Class of 1981: John  A. Stec Class of 1986: Tina (Reddick) Besmer Class of 1989: Kelli (Nielsen) Villafranca, Class of 1990: Sharon (Schumm) Hart

Information available from several sources

  • Cornerstone Bank – information and advance purchase of tickets – 402-772-2151
  • Online Sources
  • Harvard Community Club – http://harvardcommunityclub.webs.com/
  • Facebook  -
  •      Harvard-Nebraska-Alumni-Association (Alan & Lisa Will's facebook page)
  •      Harvard Alumni  (Jamey Hamburger)
        Alumni Organizations:
  •      Harvard Alumni Historical Committee, P.O. Box 310, Harvard, NE  68944
  •      Harvard Alumni Officers, 2016 (see below)

 Come and Enjoy the Festivities

Should you wish to make a donation to promote the alumni expenses or future scholarships.. any donations should be made payable to the Harvard Community Foundation and sent direct to them, Attention: Chris Schuck, % Cornerstone Bank, P.O. Box 566, Harvard, NE 68944. Donations this way are tax deductible.  Please make a note whether it is for the alumni banquet fund or the alumni historical fund

 Harvard Alumni Officers, 2016 - President - Greg Schuck, Class of 1981 , Vice President –Jami (Lipker) Williams, Class of 2001, Secretary – Linda (Langenberg) Parnell, Class of 1969, Treasurer – Christy (Frye) Schuck, Class of 1982

Permanent Harvard Alumni Historical Committee - Ruby (Bartlett) Adam, Christy (Frye) Schuck,  Ruth (Koehler) Nelson, Linda (Langenberg) Parnell, Jennie (Gruber) Paulus, Janet (Haseloh) Hachtel, Sheila Nelson, and Sandy (Thompson) Sadd


Change of Time & Place The Coffee Time has been moved to the Harvard Methodist Church in order for us to have a longer time of fellowship.  Thank you to the Methodist  Church for the offer. 

Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th - COFFEE, TEA, ICE WATER, HOMEMADE ROLLS, COFFEE CAKE, ETC.7:30 a.m. to ???. at  the Harvard Methodist Church. 

FREE WILL DONATION. Money will go toward a Community Project.

   Memorial Day Services (Monday, May 30) @ the Harvard Cemetery Program begins @ 10:30 a.m.  

Monday, May 30 .. Legacy Bar & Grill will be open for lunch.   Serving lunch from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.  Menu:  Ham, Cheesy Potatoes & Baked Beans  (This will be the only meal available.  They will not be taking orders.) Cost of meal:  FREE WILL DONATION BAR will be open that day from 11 a.m. until ??? They will start taking orders for evening meal at 5 p.m.



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